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With Zazzy you can start selling chic 3D printed accessories in a heartbeat!


Zazzy is a fully hosted production solution that helps you sell online without any hassle & investment. Reliable, easy to use and innovative, Zazzy offers a unique way to boost your brand and create meaningful products. It only takes a few minutes to bring your ideas to life and start selling to customers around the world.


We provide thousands of product designers and shop owners with an end-to-end secure production platform to process your online sales.


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Are you bored with the tedious products you see on every website like t-shirts, mugs, caps and bags? We are here to help, we can extend your product portfolio with eye catching and distinctive products that sell!

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Zazzy makes it easy to start and sell products!

Easy & on-demand
Send us your production orders as you get them. We will 3D print & assemble them.
Shipping worldwide
We print from the US and Europe. We deliver happiness all around the globe. Shipping to Mars costs extra.
No fees
Only pay when your customers submit an order.
Realistic renders
With our mockup generator tool you don't even need a sample to get started
Reshipments if lost or damaged
We guarantee your customer will get the order just the way you wanted it.
Connecting to your workflow
We have integrations with some of the largest e-commerce systems out there.

Zazzy powers real businesses!

Become a successful seller as well!

Good pricing & Profits

Zazzy is always free! We only charge you when a customer buys a product.


Product Our costs * Example customer price Your profit **
Keychain (Acrylic / Wood) $2 $8 $6
Keychain (Nylon) $5 $10 $5
Necklace (Acrylic / Wood) $4.50 $16 $11.50
Necklace (Nylon) $9 $20 $11
Necklace (Steel) $21 $32 $11
Bracelet (Leather / Steel) $15 $30 $15
Cufflink (Steel) $35 $50 $15
Ring (.925 Sterling Silver) $50 $80 $30

* Costs are average based on a 3cm object, pricing may vary based on amount of material used.
** We charge a fixed fee of $2.87 for shipping world wide, you can set your own shipping rates in Shopify.