Shopify Integration F.A.Q.

How do I connect my Shopify store?

There are two ways of getting started with your Shopify integration: you can install Zazzy app from the Shopify App store: , or connect your store from your Zazzy account, if you already have one. It's possible to install the Zazzy app even if you haven't yet registered at Zazzy.

In case you already have an account, go to your account settings page , and in the Shopify Account section there type in your shop's name and hit the green button:

Connect you Shopify store

You will see a Shopify App consent screen, where you'll need to click on "Install app" button, if you wish to continue:

Shopify App consent screen


Your Shopify store is now connected to your Zazzy account, and you can start publishing and selling your Zazzy products right away!

You shop is now connected!

What materials are used to 3D print Zazzy accessories and jewelry?

Accessories or jewelry  can be printed in nylon, metallic plastic, stainless steel (gold-plated, blackened or steel) and precious metals (sterling silver, 18K gold-plated brass and 14K rose gold-plated brass). Every piece is hand finished in Amsterdam. If you want to see pictures, please go to our materials page.

How do you price the products?

Pricing depends on the following factors: type of material used, the volume and size of the item you want to be produced. Nylon and metallic plastic are located in the low-end price range. Stainless steel, steel and gold-plated products are situated in the medium-end while sterling silver, 18K gold-plated brass and 14K rose gold-plated brass are part of the high-end range.



Product Our costs * Example customer price Your profit **
Keychain (Nylon) $6 $15 $9
Necklace (Steel) $21 $30 $9
Necklace (Nylon) $9 $20 $11
Cufflink (Steel) $35 $50 $15
Ring (.925 Sterling Silver) $50 $80 $30
Bracelet (Leather / Steel) $15 $30 $15

* Costs are average based on a 3cm object, pricing may vary based on amount of material used.
** We charge a fixed fee of $3 for shipping world wide, you can set your own shipping rates in Shopify.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

There are two stages:


Production time depends on the material: it takes 10 days to produce nylon and metallic plastic pieces, 21 days for stainless steel and precious metals. Once the products had been shipped by us, respective items in your Shopify order will be marked as fulfilled. Please consider that every piece is custom made each time and it is 3D printed. We will never be out of stock for anything you want to sell.

We also offer bulk orders, contact us for more information. We’ll keep the items in stock and ship them as soon as you get an order, significantly reducing the duration of the fulfillment process.

Shipping usually takes 5 business days and 5-15 business days for international orders. Tracking for US orders is available.


What are my payment options?

Our secure checkout is powered by Adyen --- the leading payment provider for global commerce. You can always pay via PayPal or a credit card, additional payment methods may be available depending on country you are based in and currency you are using (e.g.  bank transfers are available for countries within EEA).

How much is delivery?

We charge a flat rate of 3$ for shipping.  We offer tracking for US orders, through USPS.

Does Zazzy ship internationally?

Zazzy offers international shipping. If your packages ever do get lost in transit, we take full responsibility and either refund you or send out a new product.

How do I submit an order?

As soon as you capture the payment for an new order placed in your Shopify store, it’s submitted to Zazzy automatically if it contains any Zazzy products to fulfill.

Where can I check my Zazzy orders?

Log in with your account on Zazzy, go your account and check My Account -> My Shopify Orders. At My Shopify Orders page you can review your recent orders, and pay fulfilment costs for newly placed ones.

How can I get a sample of my design?

We offer samples at fulfillment costs! Simply log in with your Zazzy account, and markup will be excluded from your product’s price during the checkout. This kind of sale will not generate a profit, of course.

What’s the setup fee?

There is no setup fee. We do not charge monthly or membership fee - we only charge for the products ordered.  All of the products we offer can be found here.

Is VAT applied?

For orders shipped within EEA 21% VAT is added to the fulfillment costs. If you are selling in the US there is no VAT applied.

Can I change an order that is already submitted?

Newly placed orders and changes to their statuses, shipment addresses and notes are submitted to Zazzy automatically. However, once the order has been placed, no changes to the ordered items can be made.

What if I sell my products in a currency other than USD?

When you push a new Zazzy product to your store, its price is set to a VAT-incl price you set before launching the product. If you store has a currency other than USD, EUR or GBP, this price is converted using current exchange rate from EUR to this currency.

Can I change product variants?

Integration of every Zazzy product with your shop relies on original generated variants. Generated variants store metadata that allows Zazzy to identify what product should be fulfilled. Replacing and adding those variants, changing Vendor field, as well as replacing and adding options can break the integration with Zazzy and lead to unfulfilled orders. Editing existing variants (e.g. renaming them or adding images to them) is still possible, however.

How can I change the price of product along with its variants?

Changing price of all the variants of the product can be tedious, but you can do that at, in the Shopify Integration tab of the respective product. It will set the price in the currency of your shop, no matter what currency you are browsing in.


Changing Shopify's product price on

Changing Shopify's product price on