• Step 1
    1. Select a product

  • Step 2
    2. Design

  • Step 3
    3. Set Goal

  • Step 4
    4. Launch!
Laser cut products

Laser cut products ship faster and cost less, but have a smaller selection of materials and products available.

Available in bamboo, acrylic, steel and silver

Average base price: $4.50

Ship in 3 days

3D-printed products

3D-printed products feature high quality materials, including precious metals and gold plated steel, but take longer to produce.

Available in nylon, steel, brass and silver

Average base price: $20

Ship in 10 to 21 days

Other products

Text-based necklaces, bracelets, rings and cufflinks
Average base price: $15
Materials: nylon, steel, silver, brass, alumide