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Zazzy is a free accessories design platform. We allow creatives to bring their ideas to life, turn them into wearable pieces, run sales campaigns, market them to their friends and followers and start a new design adventure. We take care of the production, ensuring a premium final product, as well as order fulfilment, packaging, and shipping.


With your support, designers can become independent creatives. Designers who sell on Zazzy are paid fairly for their work and don’t need to rely on manufacturers or stores to realize their creations. Moreover, every design on Zazzy is printed on demand, ensuring minimal waste.

A fair deal for everybody

Did you know that on average a piece of jewelry is 13 times more expensive than the production costs? The difference is used to pay a long chain of middlemen and to fund extremely expensive marketing campaigns. Our model is transparent, with only 25% platform costs on top of the production costs. This means a fair profit for the designer and a fair price for you.

A product with a story

By selling or buying products on Zazzy, you help put something unique in production. From design to printing and assembly to delivery, you are helping to make every part of the production happen. You aren’t just buying a piece with a story, you are part of the story.

Democratizing production with zero waste

The customer decides if a product will be printed. This means there is no over-production or overstock. And since 3D printing is almost always an additive production method, it is extremely efficient with materials used, resulting in zero waste!

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