The Road Ahead

While we’re very proud of what is possible on the Zazzy website right now, we’re by no means ready to rest on our laurels. Our goal is to become an invaluable resource for designers and creatives, to make designing and selling 3D printed accessories as easy, fun and unencumbered as possible, and to become a hub of creativity where shoppers can uncover exciting, innovative and beautiful creations.

Design Tools

We want to bring a more 3D perspective to our design tools.


We hear you, one layer can sometimes be confining. We are working on offering multiple layers to give extra dimension to your design and more freedom for your imagination. We will continue to push the limits of our design software and innovate new solutions to existing hurdles.


We are going to offer a wider range of wearable pieces for you to apply your designs. Not just pendants, but also rings, bangles, brooches and earrings.


Once you become more experienced, you may want to start using professional tool, like Blender (which we like a lot!). We already accept 3D files via email, but we want to make it even easier to upload different files to create and sell accessories.

More materials

While we are proud of the materials we have on offer right now (especially when we see what creative types like yourself can do with them!), we are constantly seeking to expand the range. In the very near future, we plan to materials that allow not just silhouetted designs, but more detailed pieces. For example;


Oxidized silver makes illustrations and sketches even more detailed by offering a two-tone finish. This will be particularly useful for adding detail and depth to designs.


Like oxidised silver, contrast plating will also allow designers move away from simple shapes to more detailed designs. The base metal is sterling silver, but you will have the option to add a layer of a contrast metal (gold, rose gold and rhodium, to name but a few) to embellish your design.


Gemstones and jewelry go hand-in-hand and we are are on a mission to bring some bling to our designers’ options. You can expect birthstones (including rubies, sapphires and pearls) and Swarovski Crystals to help you embellish your designs soon.

Distribution Tools

We understand that finding an audience for your newly designed piece can be quite difficult. We are working on innovative new ways to help our designers find and reach their target customer base.


We know that you may want to link your designs, include your social media pages and link to your portfolios, so we are in the process of building designer profiles to allow this.


Our aim is to build a vibrant, curated marketplace where buyers will be able to explore exciting products and discover emerging designers like you. To strengthen the marketplace, designers will have the option to set up a storefront, stock their store with designs and promote and share it is a whole.


You might already have shops on platforms like Etsy and Shopify. We are building automated tools that will allow you publish your designs on these platforms and have orders automatically fulfilled when your customers buy.


Often our designers create products that serve a well-defined but niche audience and we want to make sure that they get as many of right eyes on them as possible. We are working on new ways to improve the search function on our site while also optimizing your design content for search engines and curation platforms.


Creating a loyal customer base can be quite time-consuming, so we want to make engaging with your past customers as easy and natural as possible. We are building the tools to help you engage and increase your customer base via email, social media and other channels.


We want to show your designs off to the world so we are talking to galleries (mainly in Amsterdam), to get your pieces and the work that inspired them showcased. We also notice a strong demand from retailers all around the world seeking unique and exciting work from individuals designers. If you are interested in being featured, let us know.

But this is just a small look into the future, we have some much more planned. We would love to learn from you what you are missing! Let us know and send a mail